Frequently Asked Questions

What is InstaClip?

InstaClip is a platform that lets you start, grow and manage stock footage business.

In what countries can I use InstaClip?

You can use InstaClip in nearly every country in the world.

How much does it cost?

Peanuts! To learn more, please check our pricing available here:

When I’ll get paid?

We send payment on a bi-weekly basis, but you can request to receive the payment quicker.

Can I use my own domain with InstaClip?

Yes! You can connect your own domain to InstaClip. If you have an existing domain name, you can connect it to Shopify from your store’s admin. To get a specific instruction for your type of domain provider, please contact us at

Can I use my own watermark?

Yes. That’s why we created this platform. You can upload your own transparent PNG with custom watermark in your profile settings.

What’s the watermark specification?

The watermark should have exactly the same resolution as our preview video, which is 960x540px. It needs to be in PNG format with a transparent background.

Is my footage safe on your servers?

Thanks for asking! Yes, we use Amazon AWS servers, which are known as the best and the most reliable services in the industry.

Does InstaClip own any rights to my content?


How can I connect my own domain?

Peanuts! To learn more, please check our pricing available here:

Can I upload and/or sell footage that is not mine?

No. No. No. We will ban your account as soon as we learn that you’re selling content that doesn’t belong to you.

I have a question that’s not listed here.

No worries. Shot us an email at